Saturday, June 16, 2012

Horno = Adobe Oven. There is no horno in orno.

 On May 17th some of our ward gathered at our Bishops house to make watch and learn as a few people helped in part of the process of building the Horno. I am the Provident Living Specialist, it's my calling in our ward. I organize 4-5 activities a year to do stuff like this :) I am grateful that him and his wonderful wife were up for us all descending on their house (a house they built of adobe 20yrs ago).

Barbie took video and I took a ton of pics with my camera. Barbie shot the whole process and is making a video out of it which will be shared on You Tube and I will of course be sharing it here.

 My hubs in the white shirt and brown work pants. Hubba, hubba ;)

I thought it was super cute that my son was the only kid there interested in what the adults were doing. Luckily he was in helping and observing mode not destruct-o mode.

Part of the video was shown at the Self-Reliance Fair by the Bishop at his booth. My parents came to the very successful fair and now my dad really wants to build one and since me and Jake were present for part of the Horno building he is enlisting our help. Which is fine by me since I didn't get to get my hands dirty in this one since I was taking pictures the whole time. Of course my dad wanted to know how much money it takes to build an Horno. Well here in NM it's about $1 an adobe brick. You need about 200 bricks so there you go. This is a large one but you can build them smaller of course.

The picture below is probably what you picture in our mind when your hear the word Horno...maybe or you may be saying it with the H which conjures up pictures of? Well let's not go there. The H is silent hince there are no hornos in ornos ;) I heard people say "what's an horno" about 1,000 times and it's funny, but it's pronounced orno.  Picute of an Horno in a Pueblo in Taos New Mexico.


Love the creativity.

Peachy pink stuccoed Horno. I like the shelter it's in too but wonder how the smoke is, do they have a hole in the roof? I also think I would extend it out further. Also the Bishop was telling my dad that you can somehow build it into your home which would be highly beneficial in the winter. I know super vague but if you are thinking about building house then I am just dropping a bug in your ear.

At the fair I put up a sign up sheet for people to leave their e-mail address if they wanted to be notified of the first meeting for the East Mountains Community Homesteading Group. What is a Community Homesteading Group? Read this post. The jest of it is you have a group in a close geographic location, (ours will be around 15 square miles, I think) there to help each other out and to learn from each other. Need help building that chicken tractor? Send an e-mail out via the group e-mail list and see if anyone responds. Want to teach a few classes on how to build an Horno send the word out via the e-mail group to let people know. The group can meet together a few times a year and have a potluck. The first meeting is when to discuss how you want to organize it all. It's a great opportunity to build community and share your skills and learn some new ones. I am looking forward to getting it going with the help of a new friend that I met through organizing the fair.

Hope you enjoyed the post. If you have any questions I would love to try and answer them, or get them answered for you.

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