Tuesday, September 4, 2012

'Modern Harvest' Canning Jar Labels

Canning Jar Labels
Source: Modern Harvest

by Carla Ludington

I have a dear friend that is so diligent in so many ways, home canning being one of them.  She was frustrated with how to label her canned goods. At one point, she put on sticky labels, but then the next year when she had to try to get them all off of the glass jars, she was not so enamored with the idea.

Fast forward a few years, and their family has started a new business, Modern Harvest, pioneering a new patent-pending way to make canning easier.  They designed shrink-wrap type labels for canning jars, that have a place for you to write in what you have canned, and a place on the back that you check off when you canned it, as well as when you opened it so you can know if it is still good.  To put the labels on the jars, you just dip them in hot water, and *presto!*.  When you are ready to reuse the jars, you simply slip a knife or pair of scissors underneath the label (and do a little bit of wiggling, remember they ARE shrink-wrapped onto the jars) and ta-da:  a jar with a clean surface, ready to be re-used.

back panel of Modern Harvest canning jar label
Seriously, sometimes you just look at something and go, "Why did it take so long for someone to invent this???"   I am so excited for them, and think it is such an AWESOME idea.  I hope you will find a design you like and try it out, and I wish their business all the best!

We have had a bit of a complicated summer around here, so I have not canned a thing yet this year (although we have dehydrated quite a bit), so you will have to test out the product for me, ha-ha!  I asked about coordinating shipping to a separate address for a giveaway, and they have graciously offered to ship a free trial package to one of our lucky blog readers :0)

To enter, please send me one jar of your most recent canned goods, lol, just kidding!! Earn an entry for each question you answer in the comments.  A winner will be randomly picked on September 14th, just in time to try it out while you re-stock your pantry with your bounteous harvests! (or for labeling home canned Christmas gifts :0)

1) What you most look forward to with this product or what you look for in this type of product in general
2) Your most frustrating experience with labeling your canned goods (share your experienced canners "DON'T do this" tip for anyone not using these labels yet)
3) Your favorite design / what you would like to try out
4) The biggest reason you would likely NOT want to try this out (is there one?)
5) What would make it easier to use this product (for me, I don't always plan ahead very well, so I would have to order these for my canning for next year so they would be handy :p )
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  1. 1) I like that I wouldn't have to write the date on the lid anymore. Sometimes I forget anyways.

    2) I've never really found writing on the can annoying but I only can a few things each year. I can imagine that the more you can, the more this would be annoying. I do like how nice these look and would make gifting a jar of canned goods that extra touch of visual appeal.

    3) I like the ornament label combination pack. They are very nicely priced! I like these. =)

  2. 1) It seems so easy I could ask my kiddos to label for me then all I have to do is the dunking in boiling water! Anything the kids can do to help!
    2) I can't ever squish my handwriting in to fit the date and the item canned. My grandma would just put on the date and she was experienced enough to know what was in each jar. I don't want to pull an Anne Shirley and open the wrong thing- I can't always tell what things are just by looking at it!
    3) I love the ornamental labels. Lots of room and still fancy cute!!
    4) Only reason is... Nope, even though I'm not canning this season I still want to try them out!
    5) If they came with the jars! But then shipping gets expensive.
    6) Done!
    7) Don't have an account-can't get started, already waste enough time on facebook. But I'm seriously thinking about switching.

  3. Sorry for the delay everyone, our trip was a little more consuming than I was expecting, lol! Thank you everyone for your comments, on here and Facebook. The winner was Katie H., I will message you to get your mailing address. Enjoy your canning this season!! A big thank you to Emily for donating the labels and coordinating the mailing. Hugs to you!!

    Carla :0)

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