A snapshot of us

Carla just celebrated her 10th wedding anniversary and the birth of her 4th child.  She loves to homeschool her children, cooking, sewing, gardening, and has aspirations of creating beauty all around her.  Her dream is to someday homestead somewhere with water and green grass! In her life before kids she trained as a paralegal - she has a deep sense of fairness and sees things in black and white.  She has become more health conscious over the past few years and is constantly learning and seeking to improve her and her families health. One of her most notable attributes is her big heart, she is a sensitive soul. The kinda gal that would take her shirt off her back and give it to ya (a little awkward with her being a women and all but you get the point.) She loves spending time with her family and is friendly and kind with all she meets, a friend to everyone. She is a chatter box, but who likes the silent type anyway? It's not mindless chatter - she sees things as they are and is kind but not afraid to say it like it is. She loves our Savior Jesus Christ and tries her best to follow his teachings in her daily life. Her brother calls her 'The Velvet Hammer'.  His character for her would be the bunny in Monte Python and the Holy Grail.  More on that another day :0)

DeAnn is happily married to her kindergarten sweetheart and is a young stay at home mom of 2 children. She enjoys being creative, has a gift for photography, and loves learning new things.  One of her favorite things is being outdoors in the fresh air, especially hiking, mountain biking, ultimate frisbee and soccer. An excellent massage therapist, she loves exercise and natural remedies. While she initially seems more quiet and reserved, it just takes time to get to know her before she shares her heart and sense of humor. One of her greatest strengths is her dedication to our Savior Jesus Christ and her testimony of Him that she shares through her daily example.  She recently relocated to the country and is looking forward to becoming more independent. DeAnn is known by her husband as "Matapang", translated from Tagalog as "audacious, bold, brave, gallant, trepid and valiant". And if there were a sound to best describe her it would be "Hoorah!"