Reason for the journey

Being Christian is a BIG part of who we are and has influenced our daily priorities.  While we both have a passion for learning to be healthier and more self sufficient, our obsession about what that includes beyond just food storage has been a long journey. We don't have all the answers, but we are dedicated to continuing this journey.  While some may be put off by such extensive preparations, we do not consider ourselves "extremists", unless by extremists you mean preparing for the realities of today's society and culture. One over arching reality is that our society is very specialized - most dedicate their lives to becoming good at or knowledgeable in a few areas. We want to learn as much as we can about what it takes to maintain our current lifestyle from the food we love to eat to the clothes we wear. We may not want to butcher a chicken every time we want chicken for dinner but we want to be confident in our ability to do so. Is it likely that we will experience WWIII or nuclear attacks?  It is possible, but doubtful.  Unemployment is much more likely. Severe weather? Take your pick of floods, droughts, fires, tornados, and hurricanes!  Have you considered how a truckers' strike would effect distribution in your area?  A severe winter storm in our area showed us the realities of that effect on interstate commerce. There is great peace and satisfaction in being self reliant.  As the Lord has said, "If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear" D&C 38:30.

This blog is our effort to remain focused and committed to learning those things most needed for our own families to be prepared and at peace.  Hopefully this will help make this more manageable for you and give you a place to start!  When you’re starting out it's overwhelming and there are a million things on our to-do lists. We want this to become a comprehensive resource no matter what you're current level of self-reliance is.


  1. I just finished a book I think would fit right along with what the reasons you give here and what you guys are working on/towards. Check out Radical Homemakers by Shannon Hayes. I absolutely loved it!

  2. Sounds like we are walking a very similar path!! I wish you the best in your efforts to become more self reliant :)