Saturday, December 31, 2011


I was watching the BBC news, you know because it actually tells us more about what's going on in this country then watching the Nightly News with Brian Williams. I tried to find the news segment they showed on Wheat stem rust on their website again just now but it's not on there, lame. So I went to You Tube to see what I could find and this was one of many videos. I am not an alarmist. However if you needed another reason to get your food storage together or to start learning some homesteading/preparedness skills, here it is. Watch the video and you will understand the threat of Wheat stem rust.  On the BBC news segment that I saw they interviewed a long time farmer and he said "we wouldn't have wheat if we didn't use fungicide" lets pop open a tube of athletes foot cream with our next bowl of cereal... umm.  I saw on some of the You Tube videos that supposedly a resistant strain of wheat to Ug99 had been engineered. But on the recent BBC segment that I saw, it said it was still being worked on. One other point that was brought up during the news segment was that if there is a wheat crises say in Russia and the US it would cause some serious global shortages...causing the price of wheat to go sky HIGH. So everything wheat is in would also skyrocket.

Take it with a grain of salt. I just thought it was interesting and worth sharing. I don't know what the days a head bring I just know I want to be prepared.

Something else interesting that I saw...

Plant pests: The biggest threats to food security?

The threat posed to crop production by plant pests and diseases is one the key factors that could lead to "a perfect storm" that threatens to destabilise global food security.
Already, the biological threat accounts for about a 40% loss in global production and the problem is forecast to get worse, scientists warn.
BBC News has asked Dr Matthew Cock, chief scientist for Cabi, a UK-based agri-environment research organisation, to compile a list of the worst plant pests threatening crops around the world.

I realize we haven't been posting very much but we are getting our act together and have been planning out whats coming up. Like how to make Ezekiel bread, one of the best Jerky making tutorials and recipes ever, kefir grains for water and milk etc, etc :) 

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