Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kreative Blogger award...

Yep that's a blogger award :) So excited to have it given to us by Kendra of Our Homemade Happiness. She is super sweet and excited about making what she can at home, a rather good combination I'd say.

7 interesting facts:

1. I am the Fair Coordinator for a Self-Reliance fair that will be held in the East Mountains 30 miles outside of Albuquerque, NM. It has been a fun and interesting experience.
2. I used to have bright red hair, and purple and orange and blue. I dyed my hair enough for my whole life time. I haven't dyed my hair in nearly 10 years and I love my natural color. 
3. I love the band The Civil Wars. I love old timey folky blues grassy music I can't listen to it constantly I love me some variety! But sometimes I think I was supposed to live in a different era...but not really cause that would have sucked, you know what I am talking about ladies. -DeAnn

Now to pass the torch onto Carla to answer some questions...

1. My husband and I have a constant running conversation about where we want to move to "someday".  It entails many things we like about our current location, but infuses dreams of the actual presence of water and greenery.  As much as I dream of homesteading, I worry I am too much of a city girl.  For example, I love the IDEA of fresh eggs, but not so much the REALITY of chickens that peck at you or chicken poop.  Sigh.
2.  At our house we jokingly say we are "85% vegetarian" (we officially have "that" kind of house; some of the girls that babysit for us have no idea what in the heck to feed the kids  because there is NO FOOD IN THE HOUSE - meaning lots of grains and veggies but not much in the way of processed foods.  There are days when even my husband says this, haha!)
3. While I love sewing and quilting, most of my time is spent researching / trying out different things about self reliance and natural living, .  Maybe that is more practical for the day to day grind of life with four small children and homeschooling  :0)
4. I think I might have a mild case of ADD - I go to the library and can't help but bring home 30 different books on at least 15 different subjects that seem utterly fascinating.  I think this has spilled into my interests in hobbies and would explain my (many) pile of projects around the house. Not sure there is a way to possibly do all the things I would love to do in this lifetime.

Carla :0)

We are passing on this award to these 7 other blogs...

New life on a homestead   Another Kendra, also super sweet...must be a requirement. Her and her cute little family of homesteaders are always cooking up something fun. The post I linked to from her blog caught my attention, I would love to have one but I guess I should have stuff to put in it first.

Natalie from Prepping with NatSprat,  we actually became blog friends through both of our other blogs. She started her prepping blog very recently and is off to a great start. If you think you have to spend big bucks to be prepared then you need to see her posts on Dollar Tree 72 hour kits. 

I found Becky's post on Canning potatoes well because my dad bought and gave me 100lbs of potatoes and I don't want them to go bad! I have a pressure caner so it's time to start canning...potatoes anyone? :) She has a lot of neat posts go check her out at Simply Self Sufficiency
 - DeAnn

Karen Lynn at Lil' Suburban Homestead has a variety of subjects she blogs about. I have particularly enjoyed her homesteading posts on beekeeping, herbology, and especially her apothecary post for making homemade crystallized ginger that I am dying to try out - yum!

I was very inspired by so many posts from Chele at Seriously, that's my life..., she is an amazing lady that has been through some crazy and difficult challenges, and has leaned on the Lord to get her through with grace and a humble heart.  She is a great example of starting where you are and taking small steps to make a huge impact.  

While this is a little more than we are ready for right now, it has been wonderful to share in the experiences of life off grid.  Glo doesn't sugar coat it, and shares the harshness of her challenges, the beauty of nature, and the reality of life on a homestead at Off the Grid at -30.

Last but not least, I love Cari's messages of motherhood, real food, faith, and homeschooling.  Check out some awesome messages as she shares her families journey at An Intentional Life.
-Carla :0)

Here are the rules for those nominated by us:

1.Copy the Kreativ Blogger Award logo and place it in your post.
2.Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog. 
3.List 7 things about you that people might find interesting.
4.Nominate 7 other bloggers for their own Kreativ Blogger Award.
5.Leave a comment on the blogs you nominate to let them know about the award.

Thank you Kendra!


  1. Thank you so much!!! It's so fun to learn little facts about others!

  2. It's fun to get to know more about you guys! Keep up the good work on your blog! Gotta go check out those blogs you recommended . . .

  3. Thanks for the nomination! I've been on vacation, but just posted my nominee's.