Friday, September 16, 2011

Making Re-usable Baggies

My son modeling the finished product :)

We cut our gallon baggie to measure 24in x 11 1/4in. You will need this much material in both the PUL fabric (Never heard of me? well you can purchase me at JoAnn's and other sewing shops may carry me in more colors but will likely make me more pricey) for the inside of the baggie, and a fabric of your choice for the outside of the baggie. A sandwich baggie measures 14in x 7in and a snack size baggie measures 7in x 8 3/4in. Of course you can make them whatever size suites your fancy, this is just the size we made them, which is the size of standard Zip-loc bags. You will also need velcro and thread for this project. Okay...lets get started :)

1) Measure and cut both your fabrics to the same size. Hint at bottom of page: *If we could turn back time*
2) Fold fabric right sides together. Start sewing with a 1/4in seam allowance around two edges of the baggie leaving one edge left open. (We should have had a better thread color, the white makes it hard to see but you can see it a little bit in the lower right hand corner of the baggie.)                                                                                                  
3) You will do the same thing with the PUL fabric EXCEPT you will leave 2-3 inches on the bottom edge unsewn. (Shiny sides are right sides).
4) Cut the velcro to 11 3/4in for the gallon size bag or measure out and cut velcro to fit the size of bag you are making.                                                                                                                           
5) Turn PUL fabric right side out. Place top of velcro 5/8in from top of PUL fabric. Line up the side edge of the velcro with the side seam of the PUL fabric and the opposite side with the folded edge of  the PUL fabric. Pin the may skip this step if you're like me but if you're like Carla, you'll pin it :) Sew one side at a time. Sew around all edges of velcro.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Tip: The reason we place it 5/8 in down from top is so that it is easier to open. Get creative! If you want  tabs on the outside of the baggie to pull it open, then you could put your velcro almost to the top of the baggie.  Just make sure you leave enough room for top stitching.

6) If there is a small gap no biggie, we're not putting liquid in these bad boys, just match up the velcro so it closes properly.
Tip: Velcro can weaken your thread so just make sure your stitches aren't skipping.
7) Slip the PUL fabric inside your other fabric. Pin fabrics together and then sew with a 1/4 in seam allowance. 

10) Push the PUL fabric back inside your printed fabric to form the baggie.
11) Pin and then top stitch close to the edge. 

YOU'RE DONE!!  Now go fill your cute little baggie with your favorite snack…happy munching :)

Hint** If we could turn back time**We noticed that the PUL fabric bunches a smidge and it would be a better overall fit if we cut the PUL fabric 1/4in smaller in length and width.

Be creative! If you make any modifications we would love to have you share it with us :)

A special shout out to our talented sis-in-law Keri for showing us this neat project a few months ago, thanks!

We want to hear from you! Do you think this project relates to self-reliance?


  1. Nice tutorial! How often are you looking at posting?

  2. Hopefully we will be posting once a week, kids & chaos permitting, lol!

    BTW, I turned my baggie inside out when I washed it and put the velcro together so it wouldn't catch on everything in the wash. For future bags, I think I will put a loop on the outside on one of the corners to hang it up to dry.

  3. After making a ton of these this last fall, I decided to cut the fabric a little bigger, instead of the PUL fabric smaller, to keep the size to fit a sandwhich in.

    I made a gallon size one for my husband with camo on one side of the fabric and white on the other side of the fabric, and let the kids use fabric paint to decorate the white fabric side. It was a Christmas hit :0)

    FYI, a note to those who may not know, I would NOT use sticky velcro with your sewing machine - the glue sticks to your needle and bobbin, and will break your thread and gum up your machine.

  4. These are awesome! It would save a ton on ziplock bags...which I seem to go through fast!

  5. Natalie,
    Thanks for stopping by and glad you found it fun and useful!! I have been using these a ton the last few months, and LOVE them!!! I think I still need to add a tad more room in them so I don't have to work so hard to get my sandwich in, leaving it a little squished at times. Also, I think I will embroider a message on one (maybe just initials for some) so I can tell whose bags are whose when I have some that look the same.
    Hope to see you again soon!
    Carla :0)

  6. I presented your blog with an award! Come check it out.