Friday, March 2, 2012

Turn unused space into useful storage for prepardness

This picture makes these jars look smaller but they're 2 gallons each, I got them at Wally world for $10 a pop. 
Well the whole point of the post is I used this space above our garden bath tub which otherwise had been empty to artfully display and store some preparedness items. It's a large space and these jars look nice and neat sitting there. Groupings of three are pleasing to the eye and there size fills the space nicely. I mean, what else would I put there that's water kids do a lot of splish-splashing when taking a bath. Somehow they haven't been messed with yet by my two little turkeys. Notice I said yet. There is a space just like it on the other side of the bath tub as well that I would like to store more items like this in. They really do hold a lot. All that soap in it's packaging took up a lot of space in my sons closest now it's on display and stands as a reminder to consistently stock up on items like this. If you are into making your own soaps etc then you could store those items in these jars. Now a previously unused space is turned into prettily displayed well used space. The first jar has toothpaste, floss etc. I don't have it full because I am going to start making our own toothpaste. So I will buy those items and store them in the jars. The third jar has very little Epsom salt in it now but I am going to work on filling it up. 

Why store so much Epsom salt? It's pretty handy stuff. For preparedness I want to make sure I have stored plenty of medicinal things as well.

Well there you have it! Now take a walk around you house and try and see areas in your home that could be put to better use. It doesn't have to be unsightly, put things in new containers to disguise them or to put on open display like soap.Things grouped together in large quantities can look pretty smart.

If you have done something similar I would love to hear about it!!!

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  1. Great use of Space - I find myself thinking that extra stuff always has to be hidden away, I will have to re-look at at the spaces I have available and come up with something cute like this :)